Advantex in a Box

Advantex in a Box  All of the innovation and improvements that have gone into Advantex over the last decade are now available in a single box. Advantex in a Box is the product delivery and support model for the Ventyx Advantex solution. With a scheduled upgrade plan and comprehensive online support, Advantex is completely self-deployable and highly configurable.  Advantex in a Box simplifies the installation, deployment and maintenance of Advantex enabling customers to take greater ownership of their systems and ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership.


The packaged software elements of Advantex in a Box can be installed without Ventyx involvement. To assist with the installation a set of tools is included, allowing customers to quickly configure Advantex specific to their business needs. Also included is a comprehensive library of documentation designed to guide customers through the installation, configuration, and management of an Advantex system.


Each Advantex in a Box deployment comes with a core set of Professional Services, which provides the basic services needed for a successful deployment. The Professional Services provided include Advantex training and assistance with installation, configuration and tuning. As with any Advantex implementation, customers have the option of purchasing additional Professional Services.


Advantex Benefits

Today’s customers demand responsiveness and top quality service. With Advantex, service organizations have all the tools they need to build a smarter, faster, and more cost-effective workforce. By maximizing operational efficiencies and enforcing best practices in workforce management, Advantex delivers measurable business and operational benefits:


Easier access, improved accuracy
·         Ensures secure, reliable wireless transmission of operational information
·         Automates field collection and validates work results
·         Delivers critical enterprise, customer and asset information to the field
·         Accesses real-time feedback on work progress
·         Increases data accuracy with user-friendly graphical interface, pick lists, and auto-fill fields
·         Offers enterprise-class security features that ensure a secure, reliable system
See more, control more
·         Measures and analyzes operational performance
·         Presents an enterprise-wide view of workforce and its workload
·         Provides access to web-based, real-time tactical reporting tools
·         Continuously optimizes scheduling as daily changes occur
·         Configures, deploys and modifies your system faster with simple configuration tools
Consolidate and save
·         Eliminates manual work order sorting and entry of completion information
·         Consolidates geographically-dispersed dispatch centers
·         Reduces number of field technicians required
·         Fully scalable in response to changes in the organization
·         Open, distributed architecture that supports a flexible, adaptable enterprise workforce management solution
·         Localization enables Advantex to be easily configured to support different languages
Increase customer satisfaction
·         Meets more customer commitments
·         Ensures workers have the right equipment, skills and parts to finish the job the first time
·         Confidently offers narrower service appointment windows
·         Provides real-time feedback to customers
Decrease costs
·         Reduces travel time and distance
·         Reduces employee overtime
·         Decreases operating expenses and overhead
·         Optimizes use of contractors
Increase efficiency
·         Eliminates voice and paper-based processes
·         Increases volume of work orders and completion rates
·         Improves service response times
·         Reduces travel time with geo-spatially optimized routing
·         Improves monitoring and management of field resources
·         Significantly reduces time needed for generating, reviewing, and changing schedules with optimized dynamic scheduling
·         Reduces technician to dispatcher ratio