360 Degree Feedback: Once an Option Now Growing Necessity

In this highly competitive world, businesses have understood the growing importance of employee assessment and development tools. Employee development tools are a big necessity for businesses in order to collect data about any target employee. Based on the data, it can help an employee to make tremendous growth in their career. One such tool which can help in properly assessing employees is 360 degree feedback. The 360 feedback tool can be easily aligned with the performance management system of an organization in order to ensure that the employees are suitable for the organization.

Why 360 Feedback Is So Perfect for Organizations?

Many businesses understand the growing necessity of using 360 feedback in today’s competitive world. The tool is a multi-rater assessment tool which can be used for providing confidential feedback about the target employee. Basically, the tool provides anonymous feedback about a target employee. Typically, the feedback is provided by all other people who work within the organization.

With the feedback, an organization can easily understand if an employee is suitable for the firm or not. At the same time it can help to assess if an employee needs to be a part of any development programs. With the confidential feedback, an organization can easily understand if any employee within their firm is having any leadership qualities or not. In this respect, it can be said that 360 degree feedback can help both employees and employers at the same time in various ways.

360 degree feedback

Why 360 Feedback Tool Is Much Better?

Many organizations have understood the importance of obtaining a feedback about a person. The feedback can help organizations’ to judge how each employee is perceived by others. At the same time, an employee can also learn if they need to make certain changes in their work process or behavior for the benefit of the organization.


360 Feedbacks Is Very Effective

Unlike the traditional appraisal and development tools, 360 feedback is considered to be an effective tool that can prove to be very valuable for any type of organization. In fact, 360 degree feedback is far better than the traditional tools as the feedbacks are not biased ones. Hence, every employee is reviewed without any kind of bias. The potential benefit that it can provide to employees as well as organization is mentioned below. They are:


For Employees

  • Organization can help employees to learn about their individual strengths and weakness.
  • They can also get a balanced view about their skills and behaviors. It can help any employee to learn if there is any need to develop their skills.
  • Individuals can work on their weakness. They can go through various development programs in order to make great career growth.


For Employees

  • 360 degree feedback can help employers to come up with individual development plans. Sometimes employers can also decide on the trainings that an employee might need to take.
  • With the feedback process, employers can easily learn about the achievements of employees.
  • Using 360 degree feedback can help in bringing organizational growth.
  • It can also help in team development process.

360 feedback can help with individual as well as organizational development.    Overall development can help everyone to excel at their job.